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The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. - Revelation 19:10

Jesus is coming soon!

This world is clearly on a trajectory to judgment.  This is no longer a "gloom and doom" message from kooks or religious fanatics; it's the sober assessment of politicians, industry leaders, economists, theologians, scientists… name an area of professional expertise, and you will find intelligent men and women who have studied the implications of cultural change, technological development, medicine and politics and the like, and have concluded that a crisis of literally "Biblical proportions" is now unavoidable.

For seven years beginning in June 2009, this site supported a daily podcast focusing on current events and Biblical prophecy.  Today, the remaining pieces of the prophetic picture are falling into place rapidly and unmistakeably.  We no longer need information; indeed, the average American is "over-informationized" to the point of stupefaction.  What we need now is BOLDNESS - informed and energized disciples of Jesus Christ who will put Him first and extend His offer of reconciliation with God to a deceived and despairing world.

The purpose now is helping every serious Christian prepare for the return of Jesus Christ in order to give Him the bride He deserves.  We don't need more "head knowledge" - the Judgment Seat of Christ is not a written test.  Rather, we need energized believers who will apply what they already know, in the world where we all have been sent.  This is not a time for Bible studies; it's a time for obedience.

Jesus said He would come quickly, and we believe (with good reason!) that He is coming soon.  Please consider the evidence and come to your own prayerful conclusions, and then demonstrate in your life what is that "good and acceptable and perfect will of God." (Romans 12:2)

Hope to see you "on the mezzanine."


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